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10 Easy DIYs To Do Before Selling Your Home

One of the best parts of homeownership is the great do-it-yourself projects you can enjoy.

When it comes time to sell your home, it's even more important to apply the DIY spirit. The more time and energy you invest — known as sweat equity — the better your odds of getting the sale you want faster.

Consider these ten projects:

  1. Painting the Exterior
    There's a reason "curb appeal" is so important: It's the first impression! A coat of exterior paint is the perfect way to help prospective buyers see themselves in the home. Plus, you can tone down unusual colors.
  2. Power Washing the Exterior
    The best way to enhance your new paint job is to make sure the outside walls are clean as can be. This only takes a few hours of work and can take ten years off the apparent age of a house. Effects continue long after the average house is sold.
  3. Manicuring the Lawn
    It can be tough to maintain a lawn. In some areas, scorching heat and restricted water use lead to brown patches. In others, weeds grow like — well, weeds! Before putting your home on the market, break out the mower and hedge clippers.
  4. Steam Cleaning the Carpets
    This is vital if you have a cat or dog. Even the nicest carpets are bound to accumulate stains over time. The more of these you can remove, the better. A clean carpet is softer and more inviting.
  5. Adding a Closet
    When you add a closet, you're really adding a bedroom. You don't have to outfit the room with furniture, but taking a weekend to install a closet can have a big impact on your sale price.
  6. Cleaning the Gutters
    It's important to clean gutters at least twice yearly and whenever the weather gets heavy. Still, it's a chore that easily gets put off. When gutters clog, they can damage the roof and foundation.
  7. Patching the Roof
    Roof issues are high on the list of problems many would-be buyers are keen to walk away from. Since so many buyers get inspections, beat them to the punch by fixing leaks or weak spots.
  8. Replacing the Windows
    Broken windows not only age a house, they can make the whole neighborhood seem less desirable. Fix cosmetic damage and treat windows with coatings that reduce heat loss.
  9. Tidying Up
    Get clutter out of the way — into closets or storage — to make things easier on yourself now and in the future. Buyers can envision their stuff in the space and you'll have less to do at sale time.
  10. Replacing Air Conditioning Filters
    Washing or replacing AC filters helps to keep your ductwork functioning and improves air quality inside the house, which can be ten times worse than the air outside.

DIY projects are fun, exciting, and make a difference in your sale. Try these ten, and your buyers will really be wowed by what you have to offer.

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