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Date Archives: February 2019

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2019 Chocolate Benefit Spectacular – Sanford, ME

Steve Brunette and Heath Taylor from the Taylor and Brunette Team teamed up with Great East Title partner, Danielle DeFelice as one of the sponsors for the 2019 Chocolate Benefit Spectacular on February 2, 2019. 750 pieces of chocolates were donated by the local chocolate experts at R&R Chocolates. The event helps benefit the Sanford Backpack Program which provides meas for kids on the weekends. The event raised $34,000, allowing for 7,000 backpacks to filled, which will provide over 140,000 meals for the kids. 

Congratulations and great job to the team for taking home the "Best Presentation" for their booth.

Click here to find out more about the Sanford Backpack Program.



It's no secret that life's been pretty good to sellers for the past several years. Even if you had no need—or desire—to move, the housing landscape might have seriously tempted you to put your house on the market anyway. After all, it's hard not to see visions of dollar signs when your neighbors are unloading their homes for tens of thousands over asking price.

But as they say, all good things must come to an end. And you've probably heard that the white-hot housing market of years past is finally beginning to cool.

So if you haven't listed your home before now, did you miss the boat? Absolutely not. But with each passing month, the experts say, you can expect the housing climate to shift a bit more in buyers' favor.

"It's definitely still a seller's market in most of the country. But it's not the same seller's market that you saw in the last couple of years," says Danielle Hale, chief economist of®. "You might have to think about how your home compares to the competition that buyers are going to see when they're shopping. And you might have to price a little bit more competitively, or think about other enticements to attract buyers."

There's still a chance to cash in for top dollar, though, if you move quickly. Here are the biggest reasons to sell ASAP in 2019.

1. You won't be the only listing for long

The top reason sellers have been in the catbird seat for the past several years? Inventory. There simply weren't enough homes on the market to keep up with buyer demand. And when a "For Sale" sign did go up, you can bet a bidding war would soon follow.

"You might have been the only listing in your neighborhood, and you could put your home up at a certain list price and you would likely see multiple offers at or above that list price," Hale explains.

That tide is turning this year, Hale says. That's because the number of homes for sale is finally increasing, albeit slowly. For now, buyers still outnumber inventory. But if you're thinking about selling and don't want to compete with your neighbors, it'll pay off (literally) to list earlier rather than later. (This is particularly true in pricier markets, where inventory is increasing at a faster rate than more affordable areas.)

"It's going to depend on what neighborhood you're in, but we expect it to be more common this year that you won't be the only listing," Hale says.

2. You still stand to make a 'handsome profit'

Home prices have been on a meteoric rise for the past seven years. In January 2012, the U.S. median home price was $154,700. Today, that figure has nearly doubled—to $289,300—and sellers have rejoiced.

Now comes a twist: 15% of all home listings saw price cuts in January, according to data.

That might sound like bad news if you're thinking of selling. But hear us out: Those moderating prices, combined with today's mortgage rates (more on that below), mean increased buyer demand for your house.

Plus, it's not that home prices aren't still increasing—they're just not increasing at the frenzied pace of previous years, which often featured multiple offers at or above asking price, Hale says. So even though you might have some more competition as a seller, things are still looking pretty sweet for you when it comes to cold, hard cash.

"Even if you don't get an offer above your asking price, you're probably still going to come away with a handsome profit from being a seller in 2019," Hale says.

But again, it'll pay to put your home on the market as soon as you can—before conditions change.

"Sellers who list their homes earlier in the year tend to get a higher sales price, often above list, and shorter days on market," says Ali Wolf, director of economic research at Meyers Research.

3. There's high demand for homes under $300K

There's more good news if you own a home below the national median price of $289,300. Not only is that inventory increasing at a slower rate than its luxury counterparts, but there are more buyers shopping at those price points.

"If you're a below-median-price seller, you will see a seller's market that is as good as what you saw in previous years—maybe even better," Hale says. "You might still see multiple offers coming in quickly, maybe even above asking price."

4. Mortgage rates are at a new low

Something strange has been happening over the past few months. Experts predicted mortgage rates would rise—and at the end of 2018, they were indeed ticking upward as expected.

But since the start of the year, rates on a 30-year fixed mortgage (the most popular home loan) have been fallingsliding last week to a new 12-month low of 4.37%. And of course, those historically low mortgage rates mean you could have more buyers knocking on your door.

Plus, this temporary dip in rates creates an opportunity for trade-up buyers as well. After all, if you're selling your home, there's a good chance you'll need to buy another one.

Bottom line: Now's the time to hustle and get both transactions done.

"Sellers need to take advantage of low rates as much as buyers do," Wolf says. "Sellers don't want to get stuck in their homes when rates go up and the math no longer makes sense to move."

5. Millennials are flooding the market

Historically speaking, people tend to buy their first home around age 30. And guess what? We've got a whole bunch of people turning 30 in the next two years—nearly 5 million, in fact, according to data. So you can count on those millennials to be a driving force in the housing market.

"Millennials want to own a home as much as prior generations," Wolf says. "We saw millennial shoppers scooping up homes in 2018—and 2019 will be no different."

What's more, Hale adds, is that you won't just be seeing demand from first-time buyers. Older millennials in their middle to late 30s have already owned a home for a few years, and could be looking at now as a prime time to trade up.

"From a seller's perspective, you're going to have possibly more interested buyers," Hale says. "So that's motivation to put your house on the market."

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6 Tips for a Happy Kitchen Renovation

Your Guide to a Successful Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens are, in most homes, the center of daily life. That simple fact means that if yours isn't functional and attractive, it can be quite the thorn in your side. That's why kitchens are among the most often renovated rooms in any house. If a kitchen renovation is on your to-do list, the chances are good that you have heard a lot of stories about problems and hassles along the way. However, as our real estate agents can tell you, it doesn't have to be that way, whether your renovating in a newly purchased home, or updating the one you've owned for years. Here are six tips for a successful kitchen renovation that can help you smooth your path to creating your dream kitchen:

  1. Spend a LOT of time on planning – Knowing exactly what you want to be changed in your kitchen before you get started is essential to keeping costs within reason and hassles to a minimum. Spend some time visualizing how you want your kitchen to look and function, then get into the details of the appliances, fixtures, and materials you will need to make it so. Getting a clear picture of what your remodel will entail is an important first step that will make the steps that follow much easier.

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Better Homes and Gardens The Masiello Group's top agents, teams and the firm's other top performers will be honored at a prestigious awards ceremonies on March 12th and 13th. 

Congratulations to all! 

Legends Circle Award

Individual agents and teams achieve Legends Circle with a volume of more than $8 Million

Individual agents


  • Peter LaRochelle
  • Frank Destito
  • Anu Rao
  • Lou Nixon
  • Denise Sassaman
  • Linda Beaulieu
  • Beth Rohde Campbell
  • Sandy LeRette
  • Linda Davis
  • Ann Dippold
  • Madiha Farag
  • Holly Taylor
  • Linda Gardiner
  • Bill Hutwelker
  • Tacy Ridlon
  • Martha Giacalone
  • Peggy Bean
  • Christopher Long
  • John Caramihalis
  • Les Priest
  • Nancy Thompson
  • Denise Denver
  • Pat Paquette
  • The Gina Team; Gina Letourneau-Masiello, Judy Prentice, Hannah Clark, Melissa Greenwood, Sierra Lemieux, Jane Lidstone and Diane Marquis Monaghan
  • The Fish Team; Carolyn Fish, Jason Fish and Lindsae Lasko
  • Taylor and Brunette Team; Heath Taylor and Steve Brunette
  • Cameron Home Team; Pam Cameron, Andrew Cameron and Tracy Dwyer
  • The Pelletier Team; Elaine Pelletier and Travis Pelletier
  • Tracey Boies Team; Tracey Boies, Karen Ayers, Susan Feniger, Joel MacQuade and Sarah Roe
  • Cosentino O'Leary Team; Derek Cosentino and Diana O'Leary
  • Team Marion Sharich; AmyLee Marion and Kelly Sharich
  • Niles, Shedlarski & Brooks; Brian Shedlarski, Jessica Niles, Samantha Brooks and Meghan Pearson
  • The A Team Elite; Alicia Frechette and Ashley Koss
  • Team Dube; Sue Dube and Evan Dube
  • Osler-Bilancia Team; Joan Osler and Sally Bilancia
  • Cyr Team; Jane Cyr and Evan Cyr
  • The Jenn Laverdiere Team; Jennifer Laverdiere, Molli Gillies, Lauren Douglass and Shelley Bushway
  • The Seacoast Home Team; Dana Mitchell and Anne Lane


President's Circle Award

Individual agents and teams achieve President's Circle with a volume of $4,500,000 - $7,999,999

Individual agents


  • Judith Ilomaki
  • Denise Whitney
  • Kathy Kaklamanos
  • Diane Jousset
  • Kathy Cleary
  • Michelle Howe
  • Ryan Goodell
  • Cindy Donnell
  • Nancy Hanson
  • Carol Slocum
  • Donna Forest
  • Carol Camp
  • Deb Beaudry
  • Elizabeth Jarman
  • Anne Marie Appel
  • Greg Proulx
  • Melissa Bartlett
  • Joelle Sturms
  • Bill Drover
  • Stacey Frost
  • EJ Demers
  • Karin Cannon
  • Meriwether Gill
  • Kathy Phair Alexander
  • Pauline Hanson
  • Mary Beth Rudolph
  • Marilyn Laverdiere
  • Susan Doyle
  • Jane Beal-Costello
  • Elaine Hall
  • Rick Wagner
  • Alina Tobin
  • Amy Vickery
  • Kathleen Lambert
  • Bianca Contreras
  • Shirley Marcello
  • Susan Roemer
  • Darlene Conca
  • Casey Hardwick
  • Trisha Fletcher
  • Diane London
  • Wendy Griffith
  • Lisa MacDonald
  • Cindy Dumais
  • Mark Patterson
  • Carol Brighi
  • Roger Bein
  • Joel Alexander
  • Kiki Katsiaficas
  • Betty Ann Richardson
  • Julie Thom
  • Laura Scaccia
  • Gary Jordan
  • Leesa Goudreault
  • Gene Corey
  • Robbi-Lyn Ward
  • Stacy White
  • Edie Fifield
  • Jaime Fish-Connell
  • Fletcher Smith
  • Nancy Trudeau
  • Prescott Wiltbank Team; Jessica Wiltbank and Becky Prescott
  • Tami Mallett Team; Tami Mallett and Mikayla Mallett
  • Bennett-Lawrence Team; Lorraine Bennett and
    Pressley Lawrence
  • Renee's Realty Network; Renee Roy, Travis Bashaw and Christie Gravel


Leadership Circle Award

Individual agents and teams achieve Leadership Circle with volume of $3,250,000 - $4,499,999 or 18+ transactions

Individual agents


  • Kelly Parker
  • Melanie Locke
  • Paula Standley
  • Marie Burbank
  • Susan Bruce
  • Bill Taylor
  • Constance Eldridge
  • Denise Thomas
  • Russ Harrington
  • Lisa Sheridan
  • Judy Brossmer
  • Dan Beaudry
  • Suzie Chase
  • Louise Rolnick
  • Jocelyn Boesch
  • Sherre Dubis
  • Monica Sumner
  • Rochelle Bunton
  • Christine Houston
  • Amira Marikar
  • Russ Sweet
  • Barbara Brown
  • Rindy Stark
  • Chris Crowe
  • Gladys Wallace
  • Earl Black
  • Lea St Laurent
  • Mike Garrigan
  • Debra DelMonaco
  • Sandra Dell
  • Karen LeMire
  • Karen Eldridge
  • Emily Campbell
  • Nate Mayo
  • Andrea Pinkham
  • Stephanie Densmore
  • Lesley Moose
  • Grover Kilpatrick
  • Donna Vainio
  • Ann Seyffer
  • Alice Weed
  • Laurie Mullett
  • Philip Sloan
  • Diane Garcell
  • Bob Barnard­­
  • Nicole Ball
  • Ara Cardew
  • Brian Chadbourne
  • Faith Morse
  • Corie Skidgell­­­
  • Real Estate Peeps; Nicole Bixler and Al Boothby
  • Newell Team; Don Newell and Emily Newell
  • The Key Group; Maryanne McAden, Maureen Taylor-Emmott and Molly McAndrews
  • Jeff Clark Team; Jeff Clark, Stacey Bagley, Briana Clark and Carole Hough
  • The Brooks Team; Chip & Sherry Brooks
  • Performance Real Estate;
    Brad McLaughlin and Lynne Monk
  • Kilbreth Group; Don Kilbreth and Deanna Kilbreth




















Commercial Associate Award

Individual agents

  • Visconte Team
  • George Foskett
  • Penney Read

Get Your Home Ready to Sell This Spring
Winter isn't over just yet, but it will be here before you know it. Spring is a great time to sell your home. Making your home buyer-ready before the season starts will ensure that you're prepared to list it before the market gets overloaded. These ten tips from our real estate agents make it easy to prepare your home for sale and help your home look its best. 

  1. Evaluate Your Home's Condition – Inside & Out
    Before you begin any projects, take a walk throughout your home with a friend to get an objective opinion about what is appealing and what isn't. Make sure to examine the exterior, too. If your home looks its best inside and out, it's more likely to draw buyers in to look around.

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5C's of Credit and Home Buying

Our real estate agents can be a big help with your questions about the home buying process. But before you start excitedly start house hunting, you'll want to take a look at your credit. Unless you're planning on paying cash, you'll need a mortgage. And knowing what lenders are looking for and where you may need to make improvements will help you get that perfect new home. Lenders use a formula referred to as the 5C's to help them determine if you meet their criteria for a mortgage. Here's what they'll want to know.

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