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Date Archives: September 2019

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Personalized Offer Letters

Real estate may be a numbers game, but the personal touch can still give you a surprising edge over other home buyers. Our real estate agents provide valuable tips on crafting a personalized offer letter to make you stand out above the competition.

  1. Tell the Seller Who You Are
    In most cases, sellers and buyers are nothing more than names to each other, if that. The first step in creating any relationship is introducing yourself. Give the seller some information about your marital status, occupation, and other facts that will help them develop a sense of who you are. But be careful not to go overboard, as too much personal detail can be off-putting.

  2. Make a Connection
    When you toured the seller's home, did you notice sports equipment, pet food dishes or other items? Common interests are a natural way to spark a connection.

  3. Explain Your Reasons for Moving
    Are you newlyweds making your first home together? Maybe you need room for a growing family. Stories like these can trigger memories for the seller that will help them identify with you.

  4. Tell the Seller Why You Love Their Home
    It's assumed that any potential buyer makes an offer because they love a particular home, so stay away from vague statements of interest. Talk about the backyard that's perfect for summer entertaining, or how you can't wait to cook dinner in the designer kitchen. People develop strong attachments to a home, and they're reassured when they can turn it over to someone who cares about it as much as they do.

  5. Be Sincere
    We've all had enough experience with form letters to recognize that canned, impersonal tone. A buyer won't be impressed with generic wording or overblown compliments. Aim for a conversational tone communicating genuine warmth, as though the two of you were chatting over a cup of coffee.

  6. Remain Upbeat
    Hoping to gain the seller's sympathy with a sob story about staggering rent increases or a recent illness? Even if the seller feels bad about your hard luck, they'll be more uncomfortable than accommodating. People are more responsive to a positive tone.

  7. Keep It Simple
    Poker players aren't the only ones who can overplay their hand. Good salespeople are well aware of the dangers of talking their way right out of closing a deal. Your letter should be no longer than one page, which is enough to make your point without overwhelming the seller.

  8. Boost Visual Appeal
    What if you're not the only buyer writing a letter? Creative visuals are a tried-and-true way to make a written message stand out. You don't have to resort to Wing Dings or bright purple stationary. Subheadings and bullet points and even a picture or two create a memorable letter.

  9. Go Old-School
    Digital communication may be timely, efficient, and modern, but it's also impersonal and easy to delete. Printing out a hard copy of your letter on high-quality paper demonstrates your individuality and willingness to go the extra mile. 

Our experienced agents provide invaluable help in successfully navigating the real estate market. Contact us at The Masiello Group to learn more.


First Right of Refusal

Our real estate agents understand there are many reasons you may not be able to purchase the home you want right away. The most common reason is that you want to wait until your home has sold. The fact is most buyers don't want to close on a new property until they have completed the sale of their current home. When a seller accepts your contingent offer, you will have first-right-of-refusal to either purchase or pass on the property.

Contingent Sale Offers

There are many types of contingent sale offers, including appraisal contingencies, mortgage approval contingencies, and inspection contingencies. The most common are sale and settlement contingencies, which are used when a prospective buyer's home is on the market, but an offer has not been received. The second most common is a settlement contingency which is for buyers whose home is under contract but has not closed.

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Seller Disclosures

When you're selling your home, wanting to present it in the best light possible is only natural. However, it's also important to be honest about any issues with the house, including past repairs and current problems. Disclosure isn't just the right thing to do – it's also the law. Our real estate agents are here to help you navigate the process, with a guide to everything you need to know about disclosure when selling your home.

  • Pay Attention to State and Federal Disclosure Rules
    The exact rules for what you need to disclose and how you handle the process vary by state. It's critical to research disclosure rules for the location where you're selling a home. Most disclosure regulations are controlled by the state, except for one key issue. Federal regulations require that you disclose lead paint if the home was built before 1978. Homes built before 1978 will need to be checked for lead paint before you sell.

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Home Selling Tips

You're full of eager anticipation when you put your home on the market, but there comes a time when you have to admit it's not selling. Our real estate agents have successfully helped many sellers overcome roadblocks to closing a deal. Here are 10 common reasons why your home may not be selling as quickly as you'd hoped.

  1. Overpriced
    When looking for reasons why a home isn't selling, price is the obvious starting point. Even in a seller's market, the price has to be consistent with the value of the home in relation to those around it. Research the sale price of other homes in the area and make sure you're not being too aggressive.

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