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Email Post to a Friend: Ways to Showcase Your Garage Storage Space

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garage storage space

If it feels like your home lacks ample storage, turn to your garage. The garage is a frequently underutilized space that can significantly increase your home's usable storage.

Our real estate agents recommend following these tips to help you maximize and showcase your garage's storage space. 

  • Add Shelving
    Wall-mounted shelves are a terrific way to store small items and bins. Wire shelving is easy to install and cost-effective; you can also choose from a variety of shelf sizes to ensure that they meet your needs. Or, if you want the ability to quickly change the layout of your garage, consider rolling shelving units that are easy to move. 
  • Stack Bins Vertically
    Plastic storage bins are a terrific way to store seasonal items, like sports gear, holiday decorations, and hobby equipment. Instead of letting plastic bins take over your garage floor, purchase or build a storage tower that allows you to stack the bins vertically. Invest in a label maker machine so that you always know the contents of each bin.
  • Create a Parking Area for Vehicles
    If your children's bikes and ridable vehicles are always in a jumbled pile, create a parking area so that each child knows where to store their ridable toy when they aren't using it. A table or storage unit with the bottom section removed is an excellent way to set up parking for the vehicles in your garage. You can also use this idea for larger vehicles, like lawnmowers and wheelbarrows. The goal is to keep anything with wheels in a designated location and out of the center of your garage. 
  • Utilize Slotted Shelving for Abnormally Shaped Items
    Some items, like power tools and cleaning implements, are tricky to store due to their odd shapes and long handles. One alternative is to install slotted shelving in your garage. The slots work well for housing brooms, mops, dust pans, power tools, and other irregularly shaped items. 
  • Hang a Cabinet
    A cabinet is an excellent way to store similar items together. You can have a cabinet for different hobby or craft supplies, or you might use a cabinet to house tools and other equipment. Choose from a variety of different cabinet sizes to make sure that your selection is right for the items you plan to store. 
  • Repurpose Jars from Your Kitchen
    Clean and reuse old salsa and pasta sauce jars to store small items in your garage, like nails, screws, washers, and beads. This will help you quickly find what you need, and you can stack the jars in a cabinet or shelf. 
  • Reuse a Golf Bag to Store Your Lawn and Garden Tools
    An old golf bag is an excellent option for storing rakes, trowels, shovels, and other lawn and garden essentials. The strong, upright shape makes a golf bag an excellent choice for storing items with long handles. 
  • Embrace Mountable Holders and Organizers
    There are a variety of wall-mountable holders designed to hold specific things, like fishing rods, plastic bags, tools, bikes, and extension cords. Look around your garage to determine what kind of holders your garage will benefit from. 
  • Upgrade Your Old Paint Cans
    Don't throw away your old paint cans; instead, clean them out and decorate them with paint, paper, or stickers to hold painting supplies, small tools, tape, and toy collections. Use a shelf or cabinet to house the paint cans, or hang hooks from your garage walls to hold the cans. 
  • Dedicate a Bin to Scrap Wood
    If you like to hold onto scrap wood for projects and home repairs, you need a dedicated spot to store the wood. An old toy or outdoor chest is an excellent option; you can even paint the bin so that it better suits your garage's style and colors. 
  • Hang a Pegboard
    A pegboard is a convenient spot to store items that you want to keep within reach (like tools or a flashlight) or to house your small baskets and bins. Old decorative baskets can be repurposed to group like items together while keeping them within reach. Or, use a large pegboard to store awkward items, like wheelbarrows, so that they're off your garage floor. 
  • Look to Your Garage Ceiling for Additional Space
    A garage's ceiling is an often overlooked area for expanding a garage's usable storage. Hang a few two-by-fours to create holders for lightweight plastic storage bins. You can use the plastic pins to house things that you want to keep together, like camping gear, sports equipment, seasonal items, and extra household items. Clear bins allow you to quickly see what's in a bin, or you may opt for colored bins and add labels to give each bin a function. 

With a little creativity, supplies, and time, you can turn your garage into one of your home's most valuable storage spots. Interested in buying a home with more space or a larger garage? Contact us to begin your search!

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