With all the home improvement ideas out there, discovering the ones that'll increase your return on investment can be difficult. The bathroom and kitchen are the hubs of the home and improving these will instantly add value to your property. These two areas are always an excellent place to start your home improvements. However, if your kitchen and bathroom already look great and are in excellent condition, there's no reason to disturb their aesthetics. Instead, implement these five budget-friendly home improvements throughout your home to boost your home's value.

Hardwood flooring

Updating the floors is one of the best home improvements you can do to increase your home's value. However, you don't have to tear apart the entire house to receive these benefits. Instead, focus on larger and/or weathered areas to highlight your home improvements. Replacing old carpet or tile with modern options, such as hardwood or mosaics, will bring an immediate rise in property value.

  • Refinish hardwood floors for a cost-effective home improvement

Update fixtures

Some of the best home improvements can be done throughout your entire house without having to tear or rip anything apart. Old fixtures can be found in every room, including light fixtures, door handles, faucets, and cabinet knobs.  Although small, if the fixtures are worn and dated, they can negatively affect the entire appeal of your home. It's a small, yet incredibly effective update.

  • Replace old fixtures with modern options to receive an immediate increase in your home's value

Revamp old cabinets

Another home improvement tip for one of the most important rooms in the house is to revamp old cabinets. This doesn't have to be restricted just to the kitchen. If the cabinets in your bathroom or even dressers in the bedrooms are worn, give them a paint job or re-stain them. It's a quick fix that is also affordable and will increase the value of your home.

  • Re-stain or repaint cabinets, drawers and dressers

Enhance curb appeal

The exterior of your home should not be forgotten when executing home improvements to increase the value. When you decide to list your home, it's the first thing prospective buyers will see. It takes a second for an initial impression to be made and you want to ensure your curb appeal entices offers instead of repelling them.

Invest in some new plants, flowers and maintain your front lawn. Analyze the exterior of the home and tackle any repairs that contribute to the overall curb appeal, such as a cracked driveway, crooked fence, chipped paint, etc.

  • By addressing the curb appeal, you'll bring in more offers at a higher value.

Make it energy efficient

Prospective buyers are interesting in buying a home that's affordable beyond the mortgage. Cold drafts coming through the windows, poor electrical, outdated fixtures and incandescent lights will drive buyers away due to the extra cost of living.

Spend time to upgrade various features of your home to embrace an energy efficient lifestyle. Trade out incandescent lights for LED, reseal windows, replace old weather stripping, and fix the leaking tap. Instantly, prospective buyers will see your home as being more affordable than the others.

Focus on these five elements that prospective buyers favor when purchasing a new home.